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Simple but powerful monitoring of athletes.

What is a Coaching account?

The Sportlog Coach Account allows coaches to manage and track athletes across different teams and groups they work with. Athletes who are registered for a Sportlog 'Athlete Coached' account can give Coaches with a Sportlog 'Coach Account' access to their training log. Coaches can view all the workouts and analytics that the athlete records and comment on individual workouts. With Sportlog's Coaching account, you can:

  • Track and monitor athlete training.
  • Manage teams and groups of athletes.
  • View all workouts and analytics recorded by the athlete.
  • Comment and guide training.
  • Coming Soon Create athlete training plans directly in sportlog.

The Sportlog Coach Account is the only unlimited athlete full service-monitoring tool on the market under $10.00 per month. At Sportlog we feel that a shared cost model between coaches and athletes allows teams and coaches to take advantage of this powerful monitoring tool without financial barriers to use.

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